From idea to product through machining

From idea to product through machining - the complete guide

If you have asked yourself how a product is created from an idea to a product through machining – you have come to the right place: When approaching the development of an idea, there is sometimes a reluctance to change it. The idea is seen as pure, as a personal creation that should not be touched. If you want to turn the idea into a final product, it is very important to know how to go through several steps, receive comments, and correct what is necessary so that the result is ultimate. In this article, we will present three steps of turning your idea into a final machining product: Drafting a list of requirements, product planning, and production.

Creating a list of product requirements

Before choosing a machining factory, it is very important to know that you have made all the necessary preparations. Manufacturing can be the place where you waste huge sums if you haven’t done an orderly thought process. One of the main steps to note that you have performed is creating a list of defined requirements from your product. Even if the idea sounds great to you, you should try to think whether it meets all the needs, and change it accordingly. Sometimes, you will have to slightly change its shape to improve stability, or choose a new and stronger raw material so that it can withstand the pressures required of it. Creating the list of requirements will allow you to have a dialogue with experts who will assist you in the next stages of product planning.

Dealing with problems and planning the way of production

Machining done to a high standard, performed by experienced craftsmen, who will be able to offer tips that will make production faster and more efficient. Some of these tips will lead to a certain change in your idea, so that it will be suitable for quick processing. Whether it is machining engraving chips or milling, it is very important to listen to those with experience, and to know how to make the necessary adjustments. Planning the production method should be done together, while mutual understanding of the meaning of each requirement and each characteristic of the product. Only an open dialogue will lead to a good result.

The production

The production process itself requires you to choose an excellent processing plant, which will serve you well. A. Sostheal Ltd. is one of the most experienced and high-quality factories in Israel.

The factory will do everything to bring your idea to full, fast and high-quality realization, while offering ideas to improve and optimize the production processes.

The dialogue between the customer and the processing experts that takes place in the factory will turn your initial idea into a particularly high-quality product.

Itzik (Yitzhak) Sosthiel will be happy to answer any question, give you a price and service – you are welcome to contact us.

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