Machining in a conventional lathe and milling machine

Machining in a conventional lathe and milling machine - how it works and what you need to know

The world of conventional lathe and milling machining is advancing with the development of technology. Today, instead of a job that required many years of training, personnel can be trained to operate advanced software, which does a significant part of the work without human contact. Machining that is done with a conventional lathe and milling machine is becoming rarer, but it still has many advantages for the consumer. In this article we will discuss these advantages, and choosing a factory that knows how to use them.

The field of machining has undergone tremendous changes in recent years

CNC milling or CNC engraving are the hottest things in the machining industry. In the past, processing using the engraving or milling method required many years of specialization, and the development of technical skill, along with an advanced understanding of the properties of raw materials and tools. CNC machining has changed the basis of the machining work from the ground up, and today it enables production in huge quantities, on several machines at the same time, with almost no human contact. Despite the advantages of the CNC method, it still has several disadvantages compared to processing done in a conventional lathe and milling machine. Processing using the traditional method allows for better utilization of the raw material, especially when it comes to a natural material such as wood, which is not uniform. In addition, processing with the traditional method is more efficient for making relatively small orders, for which there is no point in running new software in the CNC system.

How to choose a factory that specializes in conventional lathe and milling machining methods?

A machining plant is the foundation for all your machining needs. It is very worthwhile to try to work with a complete factory, since it will be able to offer you a variety of solutions for the production of the part you need, and will help you choose the solution that suits you best. A factory that specializes in traditional methods must employ veteran workers with years of knowledge and experience. The workers and their abilities are the most important tool in the traditional processing method.

Is there a factory in Israel that combines the old with the new?

The processing plant a. Sosthiel Ltd., under the dedicated management of Yitzhak Sosthiel, is a chip processing plant that combines the old with the new, and provides processing solutions that will suit almost every customer. The plant uses the most modern technology, and employs among its ranks both software and computer people, as well as old-generation craftsmen.

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